Sunday, July 1, 2012

Long Time, No Corn

I know its been a long time. Get over it. I have a surprising small amount of new pictures for you considering I really don't have anything better to do than this.

Jah Pun
Some people think that puns are the simplest, most stupid form of humor possible. I somewhat agree but will reconsider in cases where a picture of a blazed, muncie-driven lemon that lusts after a tasty desert made of its own brethren is involved.

Jah Biscotti
Despite all my efforts to pretend like sexy women and food don't occupy 90% of my conscious thought, things like this consistently pop up in my life.

Jah Explosion
Lots of jah tiny things. If you can't find a way to zoom up then just go away. Everyone needs to go away now. Goodbye. Shoo.

I'm kind of using this without permission. I don't know if this is officially the album art or not of my friends' band (they may have gotten someone better to make it for them) but check them out at


I had this posted before but I deleted it cause it was in that post with the stupid picture that I have burned because of how stupid the stupid thing was. Anyway, its back.